Image consultancy, styling and wardrobe management

Whether you need style revamp or serious advice/assistance to completely simplifying and organizing your wardrobe, this is the place. My team and I give honest consulting to make you the better version of yourself. We are able to adapt uniquely with current trends and give you, your own edge. Your visual aesthetic is vital to how you are perceived and is the first thing people experience before you even speak. Invest in yourself, as people forget they, themselves are their greatest assets.

Corporate styling and etiquette management

It’s essential that your staff always look their best. And this means much more than simply insisting that everyone wears a business suit except on dress-down Fridays. The most effective or suitable clothing style for most senior executives changes radically, depending on someone’s role or the particular activity. The corporate styling service provides detailed advice and support, so that you and your staff know what is best to wear in different circumstances, helping them to improve their self-image, build confidence and support your corporate vision.

Creative branding and advertising

If you are an upcoming, cool brand and need consultancy on maximizing visual impact that is sleek, current and inviting. Core brand values and heavy strategic planning can be established to enhance business productivity. This service is suitable for start-up companies and entrepreneurs who need advice, exposure from bloggers, marketing/PR strategies and overall management of their company